Flatware Sets

What Is A Full Set of Flatware?

Flatware sets refer to all the utensils that we need every day to eat and serve a meal at different times and on special occasions. They consist of knives, forks, and spoons. Therefore, a flatware set is also called a knife fork spoon set. Knife fork spoon set comes in different materials and designs, and a different set is preferred during particular settings for different meals.

Flatware sets mainly come in two different types: traditional and modern knife fork spoons.

Traditional Flatware Set

The traditional flatware set is more complicated and has much more selections depending on the various settings. For example, different spoons used for soups, regular meals, dessert spoons and forks, and knives also differ from the everyday meal's knife fork spoon set. Likewise, traditional flatware sets could include different sets for salad, and other appetizers, too.

Modern Knife Fork Spoon Set

The modern knife fork spoon set is less complicated and more practical in relation to the traditional flatware sets. That is because meals are less formal. However, in modern times, too, special flatware sets should be used for special occasions.

The material used for a modern knife fork spoon set is usually stainless steel. Although there are wooden spoons like in the traditional cutlery, the place they are used today is very limited. The reason behind this is because steel is easier to wash in the dishwasher, and it is more practical to use them.

A modern flatware set consists of four settings. Each set includes a knife, a spoon and fork set for the main dish, a dessert fork, a salad fork, a dessert spoon, and a teaspoon, all made of stainless steel.