Bohemian Glassware

How is Bohemia Crystal Made?

Bohemian glassware is famous for its brilliance. Several special techniques enable these unique products to stand out. Firstly, a considerable amount of lead is used in manufacturing the Bohemian crystal, which causes the glassware to have the ability to reflect the light in various separated colors.

Another factor that adds to its reputation is the unique layered cuts. Bohemian Crystal is made of two layers of glass, which are melted together. The first layer is clear, while the inner layer is colored. Bohemian glassware is produced in a way that the outer layer is carved decoratively, thus enabling the inner colored layer to shine through the outer layer.

How Can You Identify Bohemian Glass?

Original Bohemian glasses have a special color. It has been manufactured in red, pink, light blue, cobalt, green, and amber for more than a century. Because it is hard to detect the unique cuts with the naked eye, several tools such as magnifying glass can examine the special cuts.

Bohemian glassware refers to glassware produced in the Czech Republic's Bohemia and Silesia areas. Bohemia Wine Glasses is another name for Bohemian glassware. It has received praise for its great quality and attractiveness. Another distinguishing feature of Bohemian glassware is its distinctive cut and innovative themes and designs.

With a centuries-long history, Bohemian Crystal Wine Glasses is well-known worldwide; its appeal as a gift extends far beyond the continent where it was made. It has also been noted for its unique designs, which are produced in multiple studios by a large number of well-trained local designers and employees.

Today, numerous Bohemian glassware products, such as Bohemian wine glasses, vases, cups, chandeliers, and other bowls, are popular globally as decorations and objects used in everyday life.