Tea Lovers

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea of any kind that relaxes me on my couch after a long tiring day.

My love for tea could be a legacy I inherited from my grandfather. Whenever he was welcomed to our house as a guest, he would like to drink a cup of black tea served with his favorite Turkish tea cup even though it was dinner time. So, we would drink our tea, served by mom with great hospitality and love; granddaddy would start a cheerful conversation accompanied by the warm tea cups wrapped in our hands and the charming scent of the teapot coming from the kitchen.

As a child, I didn't realize why black tea was the star of every get-together, meeting, or short visit. Now, I understand better why granddad insisted on drinking tea first, even before the meals; he was doing this on purpose to bring the family together. Later, I began to understand that tea certainly meant a lot more than a beverage. It had the potential to bring people together, make conversations flow easier, and help discuss the issues in tranquility. Therefore, it clicks now how wise a man granddaddy was to ask for tea first! Yes, for sure, he used the delicious hot Turkish tea to break ice until everybody felt relaxed and enjoyed the moment of being together as a family around tea the table.

Different Flavors of Tea

I have always loved to drink all types of tea served with or without any food. And I can never say no to a cup of tea when offered, even if I'm starving. Sometimes, I prefer black tea likened to "rabbit blood," as the Turks say, and sometimes a light green herbal tea is enough to take all the stress the day has put on me all day long. Needless to say, Armenian black tea mixed with stunning natural cloves, which reminds me of my beloved neighbor whenever I take inside the amazing taste of this special herbal tea.

Fancy Tea Cup and Saucers

There is one more thing I'm obsessed about tea, though. It's true that I can drink it under any condition and time, but with proper tea and coffee sets like traditional Turkish tea sets, the joy I take from drinking tea is at least doubled, whereby I can understand better why every time granddaddy insisted on drinking his tea with his favorite Turkish tea cup.

I can tell the same for myself now. Every time I'm served with charming tea cups and saucers, I already get excited and my appetite doubles with the look of the fancy tea cup and saucers even before taking a sip.

Gifts With Art Tea and Coffee Sets

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