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Tea Lovers

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea of any kind that relaxes me on my couch after a long tiring day. My love for tea could be a legacy I inherited from my grandfather. Whenever he was welcomed to our house as a guest, he would like to drink a cup of black tea served with his favorite Turkish tea cup even though it was dinner time. So, we would drink our tea, served by mom with great hospitality and love; granddaddy would start a cheerful conversation accompanied by the warm tea cups wrapped in our hands and the charming scent of the teapot coming from the kitchen. As a child, I didn't realize why black tea...

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Asking for Hand Ceremonies

Customs and ceremonies before marriages throughout the Middle East are similar. Middle Eastern cultures are full of interesting and colorful events that can be remembered long after the wedding parties. Here is one of them: how many of you were surprised by the salty coffee offered by your prospective wife after her father said OK? Yes, this is the case when traditional Turkish families meet each other after the girl and the boy decide to get married. According to the tradition, the groom's family should visit the bride's family for the final consent, usually the father, before the path to the wedding. A Challenge for the Groom: Salty Turkish coffee! Going back to the coffee ceremony, normally, we would think...

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Hospitality Traditions are the cultural building blocks that shape someone's character. If you grew up in a Middle Eastern family, hospitality is an essential and significant part of your life. The guests are always welcome and treated with the utmost respect. We always leave one of our rooms specifically decorated and left unused for guests. Every house keeps special snacks and treats as well. 9Pc Cake Set With Checkered Dessert Plates

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How do you serve your tea correctly?

How do you serve your tea correctly? Since the invention of tea in ancient China, it has been a special ceremony to serve and enjoy tea. Many civilizations have adopted and invented their unique ways to present and drink their tea. Every society added different rituals according to their own culture and habits. Some have been drinking tea for medical purposes and some were just for pleasure. After a long journey from China to all over the world, every civilization has its habits. Turkish Tea Set With Flower Pattern

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