Spring Decor Ideas to Spruce up your home

Spring has arrived! You are all done with spring cleaning. The house looks neat and refreshed. But you still want to add that extra zing to your home. Just to spruce things up. With the days getting warmer, floral and pastel designs are the way to go. You can now make any space livelier with these great ideas. You don't need any heavy lifting for this!

  • Cool off easily: 

A Pitcher of cool

Make a pitcher of cool, refreshing orangeade or lemonade as a constant for guests and family. You can get beautiful pitchers online. To serve your drinks you can use these elegant Gol rim glasses by Giftswithart. They come in many sizes and designs.

  • Beautiful faux florals:

great faux stems

You can now bring the beauty of spring into the comfort of your home! There are some great faux stems and flowers you can get online. Fill that empty long vases with beautiful white quince stems. Adorn your dining table with cut peony placements for each mat! Your family and friends won't stop admiring your home's beauty.

  • Elegant servings: 

serving Tray

Now serve delicious cake or warm cookies to your friends and family on a cozy spring afternoon. An aesthetically designed cake stand or tray can be used to serve both. Check out this lovely Royal Gold and Blue cake stand to serve up those yummy chocolate brownies!
Another great idea would be to use a classic big tray to serve everyone with their favorite beverages. GiftswithArt brings you this lovely new Bone China serving Tray from their new Evil Eye collection. It can hold many glasses at once.

    • New sofa/cushion covers: 

    Sofa Designs

    Every season brings a different mood with it. For spring, it is joy! Now spruce up your living room cushion with bright and sunny cushions and sofa covers. You can go for velvet covers in rich, dark tones. Even cotton covers with light, warm tones resembling falling leaves are great.
    For the kids' bedroom, soft cushion covers made of pompoms or cartoon characters would be fun! The bedroom can have more dark, elegant toned cushion covers made of silk. You can get colors that complement the bedroom decor.

      • Cozy wreaths: 

      Now use a wreath all year round! You can get plenty of faux wreaths online for spring. Made of lemon and orangey accents, they can help your entrance smell fresh all day. Anybody walking through your doors will feel relaxed right away.

        • Faux garden plants: 

        Garden Plants

        Some of us would like to see flowers in the garden all year. No matter the season! There are some great faux flowering plants online. Wax leaf topiaries are great additions to outdoor gardens. Couple them with two or three cozy chairs, and you are good for a picnic!

          The lively spring air brings with it joy. It's the perfect time to use your creativity and add elegance to your home. We hope some of the ideas above helped spark some of your own. With them, your home will be the topic of conversation wherever you go.

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