Middle Eastern Coffee Culture

Coffee is something way beyond a beverage. The saying "never before a cup of coffee" tells a lot to summarize what coffee is in people's lives from all over the world. For many, the day starts with a cup of coffee; and it can refresh our mind and prepare our body for the long and hard day ahead of us.

Not surprisingly, every culture has its own coffee routines: how coffee is brewed, when it is preferred, what type is consumed, and how it is served change from culture to culture.

Coffee Means a lot for the Middle Eastern People

It may be called Egyptian coffee, Iraqi coffee, Syrian coffee, Lebanese coffee, or Turkish coffee; coffee is more than a habit for Middle Eastern people. It is a medium for people to come together with friends and guests. Visitors are ever let go before served a cup of coffee brewed with a deep sense of friendship and great hospitality. It is also served at almost all events, meetings, and weddings; sweetened more by serving with foods like chocolates and dates depending on the country.

Serving Coffee is a Kind of Art

The way coffee is served and the type of coffee cups used is an indispensable part of the ritual of coffee drinking. You shouldn't neglect the cup and the saucer that must be aesthetic, handy, and charming to flourish each time you get together with your loved ones to drink coffee.

If you have guests coming to your home or workplace, you don't serve coffee in plastic or paper cups. So, serving coffee in unique espresso cups will add such beauty to the visit that the experience will turn into an unforgettable sweet memory in the minds of the visitors.

Best Coffee Sets

On the other hand, coffee sets are perfect gifts when you visit a family in Middle Eastern Culture. Never hesitate to buy an espresso cup set as a gift when you are invited to a special occasion.

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Gifts With Art Coffee Sets

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Pink Rose Espresso Coffee Cup Set

Pink Rose Espresso Coffee Cup Set is made of Bone china. Each espresso cup holds 3.38 oz of coffee. 3D pink rose patterns and gold rim on cups match the design on the saucers. The modern coffee set will be a perfect gift for your special friends.

Navy Blue Diamond CutPattern Espresso Coffee Cup Set

Navy Blue Diamond Cut Pattern Espresso Coffe Cup Set includes 6 coffee cups with navy blue diamond cut patterns. The gold rims and matching diamond cut pattern saucers perfectly complete the espresso set. This modern coffee set will make an ideal gift for all special occasions.

Metal Espresso Cup Set with Removable Cup

Metal Espresso Cup Set with Removable Cup is an exclusive coffee set with 6 metal outer bodies and 6 removable inner porcelain cups. Each metal cup has a perfectly designed hand-made leaf and branch. This traditional-looking modern cup will make a perfect gift for your distinguished friends.

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