Ideas to decorate your home for Persian New Year

The Persian New year is also known as Nowruz or Navroze, signifies the advent of spring among the Iranian people. It has been celebrated for almost a millennia. It marks the beginning of the new year, and millions of people observe it by deep cleaning their homes.

Thousands of homes are decorated beautifully each year on Nowruz. If you are new to this festival or want to do something special for Nowruz this year, check out these decoration ideas below:

  • Haft-seen/Table decoration:

Table decoration

Every family keeps aside a specially decorated table at home a few days before Nowruz. This is for the haft-seen or seven items that symbolize hope for the new year.

    • Sabzeh:This is growing barley or lentil sprouts in a dish, and it symbolizes rebirth.
    • Sib: This year, you can place your Sib or apples in our Evil eye bone China serving tray. Give your Nowruz some extra Turkish protection with a beautiful touch.
    • Serekh: Vinegar symbolizes patience and age. Adorn your haft-seen by pouring vinegar into our Bohemia crystal glassware.
    • Samanu: Begin your wish for affluence by storing the sweet Samanu or wheat-germ pudding in our Evil eye dinnerware collection
    • Sir: Purify your thoughts with garlic placed in beautiful gold-rimmed bowls
    • Sekeh:Prosperity all around with coins symbolizing wealth. Place some in an elegant marble-infused dessert plate.
    • Sonbol:Symbolizing spring, some hyacinth in a silver water jug for that shiny touch!
    • Chaharshanbeh Soori: 

    delicious tea in our glass cups

    Serve your guests some delicious tea in our glass cups or Greek Key design mugs from our collection. All this while celebrating Chaharshanbeh Soori around the bonfire.
    As children run around collecting their gifts from the elders, you can make sure everyone's cup is filled. With our Glass teapot, you can serve a large party at once. Watch as everyone admires your aesthetic teapot!

      • Food: 

      mouth-watering dishes

      No festival is incomplete without the mention of food! Serve your guests with delicious, traditional Nowruz food in new Evil eye dinnerware collection from GiftswithArt. Your mouth-watering dishes of Sabzi Polow ba Mahi, braised meats, and Kuku sabzi will be the talk of the family. The attractive dishes they are served in, even more so!
      You can even gift your guests some items from our collection, such as our Gold rim glassware. Serve your guests beverages in these. It will add to the overall spark and decor of your home. Post-dinner coffee can be made and served using our electric glass kettle. Now, waiting for the water to boil is no more a hassle.

        Nowruz is one of the few times the whole family comes together to celebrate a new year filled with new hope and beginnings. So make yours special today by decorating your home with pieces from our collection. Be it the haft-seen or food, our dinnerware will add to the elegance of your Nowruz decoration this year. If you have any unique ideas for decorating your home for Nowruz, please do let us know!

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