How do you serve your tea correctly?

Turkish tea set Since the invention of tea in ancient China, it has been a special ceremony to serve and enjoy tea. Many civilizations have adopted and invented their unique ways to present and drink their tea. Every society added different rituals according to their own culture and habits. Some have been drinking tea for medical purposes and some were just for pleasure. After a long journey from China to all over the world, every civilization has its habits.

While the Chinese prefer ceramic cups, Middle Eastern people pick glasses with a unique shape. This shape is called "tulip shape" or often referred as "thin waist" because of the resemblance to a woman's body. Thin waist tea glasses are mostly preferred because this shape directly affects one's tea drinking experience.

First, Middle Easterners mostly prefer their tea super hot. Thin waist small tea glasses help you to hold them much easier and take little sips at a time. Second, slurping is a habit in Middle Eastern tea ceremonies, allowing you to adjust the drink heat and reveal a much more aroma of the tea by oxygenating the sip.

In the Middle East, tea ceremony holds a vital role in social life. Enjoying a glass of tea is an indispensable part of family reunions, meetings, breakfasts, dinners, or break times. You can almost see someone drinking tea at every corner at any time of the day.

Hospitality has great importance in a Middle Eastern culture and tea time holds the most significant part. Every host pays special attention to how to serve the tea. Using stylish teacups and saucers set a must as well as the taste. Every home carries at least a couple of boxes of tea sets to make sure they are always ready for guests and serve them as best as they can. 

Another tradition of the Middle Eastern tea culture is to serve desserts or pastries with tea. The hosts often give out baklava, candy, cookie, Turkish delight, or fine sugar cubes along with tea. People often use saucers to handle hot tea glasses as well as sweets.

The mini teaspoon is another crucial part of tea sets and tea ceremonies. They keep serving another glass of tea during a tea ceremony until you put the teaspoon on top of your glass. As long as you keep your teaspoon on the side of your glass, you will be getting more sips of tea.

Stories about tea ceremonies, symbolic meanings of tea sets, and idioms derived from tea culture fill the books about Middle Eastern civilizations. But the best way of learning is to experience it by yourself. 

First, grab a fancy tea set for your party: Fancy tulip shape tea set

Second, watch some videos on how to brew black tea:

Now, invite some friends and enjoy the soothing effect of tea with your super-stylish tea sets.

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