How can you tell a good crystal Bohemian wine glass?

Good Crystal Bohemian Wine Glass

Bohemian glassware refers to the glass made in Silesia and Bohemia, regions of the Czech Republic. It is referred to as the Bohemian crystal and is known for its beauty and high quality. In addition, Bohemian glassware has original and beautiful designs with a unique cut.

This glassware is renowned all over the world. Moreover, because of its innovative designs, you can get it manufactured by numerous workers and local designers.

How to identify a good crystal Bohemian wine glass?

You can recognize a good crystal Bohemian wine glass by its special color. It is manufactured in amber, green, cobalt, light blue, pink, and red. You can also detect whether it is of good quality or not by determining its unique cuts. However, it’s difficult to see that with your naked eye, but you can check it with the help of a magnifying glass.

Why to use Bohemian crystal?

Bohemian crystal glassware collection is best for serving liquor like whiskey, scotch or brandy. There are several techniques to make these Bohemian crystal products. Bohemian crystal glassware has the ability to reflect light in different colors. Moreover, its unique layered cuts enhance its reputation.

Bohemian crystal consists of two layers of glass that can be melted together. The primary layer is clear, and the inner layer has color. Its production is done in a way that the outer layer is decoratively carved. This enables the inner color layer to shine through its outer layer.

Plus, Bohemian crystal wine glassware is dishwasher-friendly. There is no risk of color fading and scratching problems. While buying the glassware, you can check the light refractive ability. Modern Bohemian crystal wine glass ware is engraved with attractive patterns. For instance, they may have gold-painted rims.

The glass is designed with beautiful cross-line patterns, and the rim is painted with gold. The decoration that this glass holds shows how much work a crystal bohemia glass can allow.

Want to buy Bohemian Crystal glassware collection?

If you seek to buy a good Bohemian crystal wine glass, contact Gifts with Art. They have a good collection of Bohemian crystal glassware and gold-rim glassware. Bohemian crystal glassware has a classic design, and wine lovers like to drink red wine. Wine enthusiasts can create style statements while drinking their favorite beverage. Most importantly, Bohemian crystal glasses prove the flawless craftsmanship of artists. You will find these glasses in different sizes.


Bohemian glassware is famous worldwide. In a housewarming party, birthday party, weddings and any other party, you may serve your guests with these beautiful Bohemian crystal glasses. The hand-cut wine glasses with a slender stem will never disappoint you. Plus, Bohemian glassware is best to gift your loved ones.