Hospitality & Food for Middle Eastern Culture

As a Middle Easterner, I can only count a few weeks that we have passed without hosting any guests. Similarly, it isn't very common that we haven't been invited to a friend or family as a guest at least once a week. For us, welcoming guests is a means of showing our generosity and hospitality. Therefore, it is very important to make sure all the guests feel comfortable in our place no matter the time of the week and the year.

Guests Bring a Blessing

It was the same when I was a little kid, too. I remember my grandfather saying, "look, son, a guest is the blessing of the house." That's probably what his grandfather said to him, too. Therefore, you can easily guess the case for my own father, too. Thanks to him, we hosted at least one guest every week and were invited to relatives or neighbors almost every weekend.

Like my grandfather, my mother kept saying, "the guest comes with her sustenance." I couldn't fully understand what it meant until she explained how important it was to serve food like cakes and pastries or the proper meals whenever we had guests in our place, which was the coolest part for me as a child. Everyone would happily have conversations accompanied with delicious cakes and pastries served, so we wouldn't even realize how time passed while enjoying our foods and beverages altogether.

The Charm of the Tiered Cake Stands

I long for those days, especially those shiny, attractive cupcake stands and pie trays still hold a lively image in my mind like it was yesterday. I remember how much I was surprised the moment I saw a 2-tier cake stand in one of our visits for the first time; each layer full of delicious cookies and pastries; the moment as kids we had already swallowed a few cookies before the tray was placed on the table.

Years have passed, but little has changed. As a father, I, with the same frequency and pleasure, either host guests or are invited to a friend or relative as a family almost every week.

However, the most important detail that I remember from the old days is the 2-tier cake stand that left my mouth open when I first saw it. Yes, it must have impressed me so much that day by day, my love for cakes and pastries shifted to these stainless-steel cake stands and trays themselves. But, of course, I cannot deny that the weight I have gained recently has some effect on this shift.

My obsession with these trays had increased so much that I had been thinking a lot about how I can inform others about this beauty and make them put some of these beautiful trays on their own show, too.

Finally, as I believe eating and drinking is also a kind of art, I decided to display the 2-tier cake stand on my Gifts With Art platform.

GiftsWithArt 2-tier Cake Stands

Now, lay back and take a pleasant tour to see all exclusive, elegant 2-tier cake stands on my show. You will definitely fall in love with one of the cakes stands and become convinced and share the same feelings with me.

Let's begin with 2-Tier Checkered Design Dessert Stand, which will gain extra space on your party table. This modern checkered design with a gold metal cup cake stand will make a perfect gift for your loved ones, too.

2-Tier French Design Dessert Stand, on the other hand, is inspired by modern French design with metal branches and flowers. Never hesitate to show up with this cake stand if you want to impress your special guests.

As its name suggests, the 12" Royal Blue & Gold Cake Stand will be a lifesaver when you are confused about what to gift in a short time for all special occasions.

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