Turkish tea ceremony Traditions are the cultural building blocks that shape someone's character. If you grew up in a Middle Eastern family, hospitality is an essential and significant part of your life. The guests are always welcome and treated with the utmost respect. We always leave one of our rooms specifically decorated and left unused for guests. Every house keeps special snacks and treats as well.

People with this culture continue to maintain the same traditions even if they migrate to other countries. The best room of the house is always for the guests, beautifully decorated and kept clean. Unique, glamorous dinner and dessert plates along with special cutlery sets are always ready to be used. In this culture, everyone always wants to be prepared for the last-minute guests and entertain them as best as possible.

If you have a Middle Eastern friend, invite them to your home next time. I can assure you that the treatment will be princess-worthy and don't forget to bring a dessert or cake as a gift. It is a common tradition to get something sweet.  Your host will take out their beautiful and stylish plates and serve the sweets you brought along with a glass of tea in an elegant tea glass. In some countries, there is a myth that if you eat from the gift you brought, your firstborn child would be a girl. I am not sure if it is true, but the experience is worth trying.

No visitors can leave without a tea ceremony. Your host will brew a fresh batch of black tea and serve it in these unique tea glasses shaped like a tulip. Fancy decorated cake stands, high-end cutlery sets, and special napkins will company these sets of tea glasses. It is a treat to enjoy, modest but exaggerated to devour.

Our store has many tea glass sets, cake plates, cutlery sets, coffee cups, or serveware sets. So you can be ready to host your next guest or find a perfect gift for a friend. As our guest, you can expect excellent service and high-quality products from us.


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