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Unique Mugs and Teacup Gift Set

Gifts symbolize the giver's affection and love for the receiver (considering the amount of thought and planning it takes to pick a present for someone) and do not always have to be pricey. After all, "it isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it."

Given the new-year season is just around the corner, we are sure you are prepping to purchase gifts for your loved ones. If you are looking for something that could be of personal use to the receiver, consider picking mugs or teacup gift sets.

Unique mugs and teacup gift sets as New Year gifts

Most people have everything they need already. Hence, if you choose something from the personal consumption category, such as a mug or a teacup gift set, it must be very meaningful and special.

Also, mugs and cups are used throughout the day, starting from breakfast in the morning through dinner at night. When you fit a mug or a cup, it is a special reminder to someone that you love and care about them.

Five reasons why a mug or teacup gift set is the best present for the New Year

Give your loved one a warm hug in the morning

Most people start their day with a hot beverage such as tea or coffee in the morning. This means your gifted mug/cup will be the first thing your loved one will start the day with.

Act as a reminder in office

How to survive a long and tasking day at work without a cup of coffee? Choose a special office mug for your office-going friends.

Add to their collection

Many people are mug hoarders, and they love collecting different types of coffee mugs or cups. Choose a curated gift set containing cups for such a friend.

Provide a personal touch

Cups and mugs are designed in a meaningful way. Be it a printed mug with a panda design that signifies your lazy-ass friend or a caption mentioning "the world's best friend" in it can bring a wide smile to your loved one's face.

Mugs have alternate uses

Uniquely designed cups are multi-purpose! They can be used as a pen-stand, a planter can help serve/hold small chocolates and sweets, and so much more.

Choose Gifts with Art

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