Asking for Hand Ceremonies

Customs and ceremonies before marriages throughout the Middle East are similar. Middle Eastern cultures are full of interesting and colorful events that can be remembered long after the wedding parties. Here is one of them: how many of you were surprised by the salty coffee offered by your prospective wife after her father said OK?

Yes, this is the case when traditional Turkish families meet each other after the girl and the boy decide to get married. According to the tradition, the groom's family should visit the bride's family for the final consent, usually the father, before the path to the wedding.

A Challenge for the Groom: Salty Turkish coffee!

Going back to the coffee ceremony, normally, we would think of such a practice as a crazy one. But the truth is hidden in the traditional belief: it means that even if the coffee is salty or poisonous, there is no such a case for the latter; of course, willingness to drink it means a lot for the future of the marriage ahead. That is, by accepting to drink the salty coffee, it is believed that the groom implies a willingness to endure possible hardships of the marriage. It also means that he is ready to tolerate his prospective wife no matter what unfortunate event he might face throughout their marriage.

Such practices work well in ceremonies like this one when everybody feels a little nervous. Thus, the tradition can be regarded as an ice breaker. Eventually, it causes the attendees to feel relaxed because everybody is curious and focused on the groom's reaction with smiles on their faces. At the same time, he takes the first sip of the most delicious coffee ever 🙂

Special Espresso Cups for the Groom

To make a long story short, I was well aware of what was coming in my own case, too. Before our visit, I prepared myself; I would be careful about the salty coffee that my girl would serve during the ceremony. Everything was crystal clear until I saw the special fancy espresso cup when my prospective wife handed me my coffee. That shiny, all-hand-made outer coffee holder with an inner porcelain espresso cup and perfectly matching saucer made all the difference. I was so amazed by the look of this unique espresso cup that I totally forgot about what was inside. Fascinated by this fancy espresso cup accompanied by a fancy cup cake stand that contained delicious chocolates and sweets, I took a large sip from the coffee!

Guess what happened next? Yes, I ended up in the lavatory immediately after I swallowed the salty coffee within the laughers of all attendees as well as my lover. Fortunately, not much happened to my delicate stomach; I returned back safe and sound and enjoyed the rest of our visit, glancing at my loved one with a shy smile on my face, too.

What happened next? Later, after our wedding ceremony, we decided with my wife to put those fancy espresso cups as a memento in our traditional cupboard next to the gifts such as Turkish tea set, coffee warmer, and canister set from our beloved friends and family members for our special occasion.

All in all, weddings are of utmost importance for Middle Easterners, and the path to this holy event is full of adventures and surprises. Sometimes, it all starts with a delicious (!) coffee served via fancy espresso cups like this one, which has the potential to turn your salty memories into the sweetest ones. I wish the same luck to everyone 🙂

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