7 Unique Designs for Persian Tea Kettle

A Persian tea kettle or a traditional Samovar is a unique teapot that remains warm through steam formed due to the boiling water in the main container below. The large container at the bottom contains water heated by the fuel filled in the ignition pipe. Nowadays, we get electric Persian tea kettles instead of the fuel-run versions.  A teapot containing strong tea concentrate sits on top and remains hot due to the rising steam from the hot water. Tea is served from this Persian kettle by diluting the tea concentrate with boiling water.

Traditionally, Persian tea kettles are extraordinarily ornate and beautiful. They used to be marvelous art pieces and often formed a glorious item of daily use and home décor. The antique samovars or Persian kettles show exquisite artistry.

Let us look at the 7 most unique designs of Persian tea kettles that would mesmerize you with their beauty.

1.     Hand-painted Antique Persian Kettle

The traditional antique Persian kettle looks beautiful owing to the detailed paintings made in soft colors akin to old paintings. It's a work of art and the minute craftsmanship deserves applause. Even the knobs, handles, and spout have been painted painstakingly to enhance the beauty.

Hand-painted Antique Persian Kettle

2.     Copper Persian Kettle with Ornate Engravings

It is a beautiful style of Persian kettles you can get. Traditionally made in brass or copper, these kettles have ornate floral or foliage engravings along with writings in Persian or Arabic. These spectacular kettles and teapots speak of exquisite artistry and elegant designs. 

Copper Persian Kettle with Ornate Engravings

3.     Traditional Blue Persian Kettle

This unique tea kettle represents the traditional blue Persian designs in paisley or floral motifs usually found in carpets and rugs or shawls. The rich blue body is heavily adorned with white and golden embossed embellishments for a royal look. Even the brown wooden handle of the teapot is adorned with golden embossments for stunning visual effect.  

Traditional Blue Persian Kettle

4.     Hand-painted Electric Persian Kettle

Here’s a modern version of the traditionally hand-painted Persian tea kettles. Instead of boiling the water with fuel, it runs on electricity like a water heater. The stunning art in bright colors helps it stand out as a beautiful centerpiece on the table.  

Hand-painted Electric Persian Kettle


5.     Copper Embossed Persian Kettle

This elegant Persian kettle speaks of class and grandeur. The pristine white body is subtly adorned with rich copper embossing in floral motifs. The white and copper combination is a classic and timeless one. 

Copper Embossed Persian Kettle

6.     Hand-painted Ceramic Pottery Persian Kettle

If you love art, you will surely fall for this one. Ceramic pottery has a charm of its own with its rich designs, predominantly made in blue and red on a white body. This ceramic Persian tea Kettle in floral designs is bound to be the center of attraction in the dining room. 

Hand-painted Ceramic Pottery Persian Kettle

7.     Floral Design Persian Tea Kettle

As bright and beautiful things could be, this gorgeous Persian tea kettle in a brass body embellished with floral designs all over is a stunning choice. Attention to minute details lends a grand charm to this vintage-style floral Persian kettle.

Floral Design Persian Tea Kettle