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Hospitality & Food for Middle Eastern Culture

As a Middle Easterner, I can only count a few weeks that we have passed without hosting any guests. Similarly, it isn't very common that we haven't been invited to a friend or family as a guest at least once a week. For us, welcoming guests is a means of showing our generosity and hospitality. Therefore, it is very important to make sure all the guests feel comfortable in our place no matter the time of the week and the year. Guests Bring a Blessing It was the same when I was a little kid, too. I remember my grandfather saying, "look, son, a guest is the blessing of the house." That's probably what his grandfather said to him, too....

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Middle Eastern Dowry Culture

Engagement ceremony, Dowry, Henna… The path to marriage in the Middle Eastern culture is not an ordinary event like in many other cultures, only with an exception: There are dozens of rituals or ceremonies that require the bride and the groom to go through long before the wedding ceremony itself. This sweet excitement or the rush is believed to add flavor to the path to marriage at the same time. What is Dowry? Dowry is only one of the rituals, which I believe is both a material and spiritual process that spans a long time. Dowry is a combination of things needed for every house on the materialistic part. While dowries could include precious jewels or even property for some...

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Tea Lovers

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea of any kind that relaxes me on my couch after a long tiring day. My love for tea could be a legacy I inherited from my grandfather. Whenever he was welcomed to our house as a guest, he would like to drink a cup of black tea served with his favorite Turkish tea cup even though it was dinner time. So, we would drink our tea, served by mom with great hospitality and love; granddaddy would start a cheerful conversation accompanied by the warm tea cups wrapped in our hands and the charming scent of the teapot coming from the kitchen. As a child, I didn't realize why black tea...

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Asking for Hand Ceremonies

Customs and ceremonies before marriages throughout the Middle East are similar. Middle Eastern cultures are full of interesting and colorful events that can be remembered long after the wedding parties. Here is one of them: how many of you were surprised by the salty coffee offered by your prospective wife after her father said OK? Yes, this is the case when traditional Turkish families meet each other after the girl and the boy decide to get married. According to the tradition, the groom's family should visit the bride's family for the final consent, usually the father, before the path to the wedding. A Challenge for the Groom: Salty Turkish coffee! Going back to the coffee ceremony, normally, we would think...

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Middle Eastern Coffee Culture

Middle Eastern Coffee Culture Coffee is something way beyond a beverage. The saying "never before a cup of coffee" tells a lot to summarize what coffee is in people's lives from all over the world. For many, the day starts with a cup of coffee; and it can refresh our mind and prepare our body for the long and hard day ahead of us. Espresso coffee cups

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